Q. Who is eligible for induction into the Sports Hall of Fame?

Typically individuals or teams nominated for selection have accomplished their feats while representing or residing in Lake County and/or have a significant association with Lake County (e.g. LCHS graduate, Leadville native) and/or have made an outstanding contribution that provides great recognition or improvement upon the Lake County community.

Q. Can I nominate a candidate for the Sports Hall of Fame?
Yes! Any person may nominate a candidate for the Sports Hall of Fame. To do so, someone must assemble and submit a nomination portfolio of the potential candidate. The history and accomplishments of the individual must be proven via supporting materials that give authenticity to the achievements of the nominee. Examples of supporting materials may include: certificates, photographs, newspaper articles, historical documents, letters of recommendation, and film footage. Photocopies are accepted. Keep in mind that quality nomination packets are highly regarded by the voting panel.
Q. How does the selection process work?

During induction years, the nine-member Sports Hall of Fame Board votes anonymously for their top selections. Quality nomination packets are highly regarded by the voting panel. The Leadville-Lake County Sports Hall of Fame is prestigious and the pool of nominees continues to be competitive.

A maximum of five inductees are selected for each Induction Banquet.

Q. What Sports Hall of Fame sponsored events are there?
Hall of Fame sponsored activities includes the Turquoise Half Marathon, Fish Hatchery 5K and the biennial Sports Hall of Fame Induction Banquet. All events are held in June.
Q. Where is the Sports Hall of Fame located?
Memorabilia and plaques honoring the Sports Hall of Fame Inductees are currently on public display at City Hall located (800 Harrison Avenue).
Q. How can I support the Sports Hall of Fame?
The Sports Hall of Fame relies on the proceeds from the Turquoise Lake Half Marathon, Fish Hatchery 5K and generous contributions of people like you. Tax-deductible monetary donations may be sent to our Treasurer.
Q. I have an item of Sports Memorabilia, would you be interested in it?
We are always interested in any items that might be a unique addition to the Sports Hall of Fame’s exhibits and archives. The Hall of Fame collection consists of yearbooks, photos, scrapbooks, trophies, jerseys, etc. Please contact us about donating an item to the Hall of Fame.
Q. What types of athletics are represented in the Sports Hall of Fame?
The Sports Hall of Fame honors individuals and teams who have achieved accomplishments in all facets of athletics. We can honor athletes representing high school, college, professional, amateur and Olympic sports. We also honor individuals who have contributed to our sports legacy as coaches, officials, administrators, etc.
Q. Who are some of the Hall of Fame Inductees?
Currently the Sports Hall of Fame has twenty four inductees. Please refer to our list of inductees to read their biographies.
Q. What if I have more questions?

For additional questions, please contact us.